"Oasis Has Been There For me and My Family"

Lakeysha Randall is the mother of six beautiful girls ages 25-32. She was married for almost 25 years and stayed in an unhealthy marriage to keep the family together for the children. She knows what it feels like to have everything and knows what it feels like to have everything taken away. She has been through several housing evictions. Her family has lived in a house with no food and no power. Yet she continued living in such conditions because she thought her girls needed their father.


Before coming to Oasis, Lakeysha, her husband and six children lived for a few years in a roach infested motel off of Old Dixie. Lakeysha got a job working as a cleaning lady at the motel for reduced rates. While living there she and her children witnessed overdoses, drug deals, prostitution and crime. She was drinking a lot to try to escape from reality. Lakeysha’s rock bottom came when she met this fanatic young man named Joshua. He was 23 years old and from California. She had the pleasure of getting to know him as a person and within 24 hours of talking with him she found him dead from a heroin overdose with a needle in his arm. It shook her to her core after finding him dead, that was someone’s child and now he is gone forever. She realized what her drinking had been doing to the girls and herself so she stopped. She quit her job at the motel and her mother helped get Lakeysha and the girls away from that place.


She also got back in touch with some old friends. She remains grateful for her friend Wanda who took her to the Helping Hands agency who then referred her to Oasis for additional services.


Lakeysha states: “ I was a broken woman when I walked through that door, I didn’t know who I was. Jessica and Zoila came alongside of me and showed me love and showed me that I was not alone. Oasis was my lifeline and I realized God was there for me. When things were the toughest and I thought that he had given up on me, he was there all along guiding me, and it was me that was giving up. He led me to Oasis. Oasis was instrumental in my successes and is much needed in the community. Oasis gave me back my self esteem, hope, and loved me until I could love myself. I was able to get food for my girls, learn computer skills, get help with writing a resume, learn interview techniques and acquire full time employment. But most importantly they saw this “broken woman and came alongside me and lifted me up so I could be a better mother to my six girls.”




After Leucreshia and her son found themselves homeless, our job counselor, Tonya Meese, decided to go that extra mile to get them help.  With financial assistance from Oasis and a referral to Adopt a Family and interview clothes from Oasis and Dress for Success, Leucreshia was able to get a full time job and an apartment for herself and her son.

"I remember every time we went to the Pantry at Oasis, the ladies were always kind and received us with a smile. Last summer I volunteered at the Pantry, having the opportunity to give back to the community. Thank you so much, Oasis! You rock!"


"Oasis is full of compassion. When I was down, they helped to build me up. Through the job training, I was able to build a resume and learn a new computer skill. I am now employed."

"The IFFF Program has been a unique experience that has changed my life completely. The IFFF program allowed me to open my heart and share my feelings. I am immensely grateful and can't find enough words to thank you."



Mabel came to Oasis in 2010 as a client. Up until recently, she was the Assistant Executive Director and Women's Center Coordinator, helping countless other women get back on their feet.


When Mabel and her two children showed up at Oasis she was a divorcee, a victim of domestic abuse, and down to her last dollar. Team Oasis was immediately able to provide food, clothing, player and hope to this broken family. In March of 2012, Mabel applied for a job at the Oasis Women's Center.


"We had a very competitive process, but Mabel was clearly the most oustanding canditate," states Susan Warmington, the Executive Director.

Mabel quickly demonstrated through her work that we had made the right decision. She served as our Creative Director and Executive Assistant, while mastering her role as Women Center Coordinator.


Here is what Mabel has to say, in her own words:



"Three and a half years ago, I got the opportunity to start working as the Women's Center Coordinator for Oasis Compassion Agency. Since I had once received help from Oasis as a client, I asked God to bless me with courage, strength and wisdom to enable me to help at least one person in a way that I had been helped. My actual words were: God, let me touch the soul of a woman in the same way that Oasis had touched my soul when I needed it most. I know now that I have truly been blessed. My position as the women's center coordinator has allowed me to be in contact with women who arrive at the doors of Oasis in the same condition that I was in under four years ago, with broken wings and so absorbed by situations they were caught up in that they could not see their way along the road. After spending some time in the Oasis program and particpating in some of the support classes, the same women are seen smiling for the first time in a long time, and then are able to leave some of their problems behind them, creating a bloom and shining in their own light. It is a wonderful gift that helps me to understand that God has a purpose for me with these women and that I have become a meaningful part of the Oasis mission in the community."

Today Mabel is working alongside her husband with The School District of Palm Beach and is an avid volunteer at Oasis. We are very proud of her!



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