Wilmaris is a single mother who came to Oasis Compassion Agency seeking help with food for herself and her young daughter, financial assistance, and help finding a job. Ms. Reynoso, our Intake Counselor referred Wilmaris to a local community program and also enrolled Wilmaris in the typing and job search classes offered at Oasis.

She increased her typing speed in the Mavis Beacon Typing class and in Job Search, with the help of Tonya Meese, the Oasis Job Counselor, she created 3 separate resumes and learned valuable interviewing tips that helped her find employment and gain back her independence. Wilmaris is an advocate for Oasis and was recently interviewed for the Gala Fundraising Event Program. She conveyed her enthusiasm for the help she received at Oasis and expressed her gratefulness by saying several times “Thank you Oasis. Thank you so much for everything you taught me". We thank Wilmaris too for taking the initiative to get involved with all that Oasis has to offer and in return she helped herself become successful and more self sufficient.If you would like to help Oasis continue the mission of helping people help themselves by overcoming roadblocks to their success, please go to the donate now page and look at the opportunities available for sponsorship, partnership and/or involvement. The dismal economic situation will not be alleviated in the near future however; you can help make a difference in your community through your support of Oasis Compassion Agency. Oasis offers the hope, encouragement and assistance many people need to succeed.


A true success story is that of Christian who came to Oasis with an all too familiar story in these hard economic times - he needed a job!   According to Christian he did get not only a job but a lot more.  Christian originally came to Oasis to better himself with classes and seek assistance finding employment.

He said the help he received at Oasis through the entire program and especially Tonya Meese, our Job Counselor and the classes that he took gave him more confidence in himself and the ability to learn new skills. Christian started working per diem at a partner organization as a Security Guard a few months after coming to Oasis. He was promoted to a full time position and has been there for almost a year now! Congratulations Christian! We are happy and proud of the way you have made a difference in your life and encouraged that Oasis, through its partnership with Jarden Consumer Solutions, was able to assist you in your success!

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