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We want women to not only Survive, but to Thrive as well. 

-The Women Center offers mentorship, coaching, counseling, life skills training, job shadowing, domestic violence, and many other programs aimed at helping women to become self sufficient, empowered and motivated to become the best that God intended for them to be.



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Women's Center


María del Carmen González, 62 years old, is originally from El Salvador. Maria was working part-time and needed assistance in finding a full-time position and help with food. Her level of English was minimal and needed to improve her computer skills. Although her self-esteem was affected by the circumstances, Maria was willing to let herself be guided and take the necessary steps to have a better future. Our Case Manager enrolled her immediately in English and computer classes. She was a regular student in our training room, where she learned Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel.

Even after she graduated the computer class she would still come and spend her time learning and improving her skills. She also started working with our Job Counselor on Resume Building, Job Search, and Interview Skills. Maria soon started working full-time at Almost Family, a provider of home health nursing, rehabilitation and personal care services, but it was not enough. At this point, her self-esteem was stronger and her language skills were good enough to work so she wanted to further her career in the healthcare field and needed assistance/guidance studying and preparing for the CNA exam. It was not easy but Maria did not give up. She visited the Career Center each week to study and practice for the test with the help of our staff members. Her visits to Oasis fueled her spirit and helped her to strengthen her confidence. On April 9, 2018, Maria visited us with a beautiful smile on her face and the good news that she had passed the Certified Nurses Assistant exams on the first attempt. We are so proud of her accomplishments! María’s actions demonstrates that it is never too late to learn. She is an example to other clients in the same situation and renews our resolve in the tasks we perform daily of helping low-income families in our community take the necessary steps to improve their quality of life, guiding them, and giving them hope.


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